About Us

We provide with national world high-class high-pressure system, to all system form the parts, from design, and manufacture all equipment. Our project teams have been accumulation experience in high-pressure area over 20 years. The Ultra High-Pressure pump maximum pressure reaches 90Kpsi (6200bar), from 30HP~200HP, All UHP parts manufactured by the United States, with precise process, and our UHP system is same as the Flow waterjet system.

We currently have a full range of waterjet products :
- Waterjet cutting equipment
- Industrial waterjet surface treatment, cleaning
- High-pressure water jet parts
We also can according to your needs to provide you customized design and planning.
If you have any questions please contact us.

From the founding date, we have accumulated a lot of customers in Taiwan,
Robotic cutting systems - Uni-Auto Parts Manufacture, (Yulon Group), SHIN SAN SHING (Toyota Group) and so on.
Waterjet cutting systems - Taiwan Railway Administration(TRA), Armaments Bureau and so on.
Industrial waterjet surface treatment - China Steel Chemical Corporation (CSCC), SHT Technologies and so on.