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Professional Manufacturer of Water-Jet

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Professional manufacturing, machine design to the high-pressure pump, customized design to use demand following the specifications of the machine:

- 1 m * 1 m

- 1.5 m * 3m

Run of the machine according to customer demand for design


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*   Cutting Characteristics

-          Does not produce thermal effects due to the cutting, so there is no need for secondary processing. Water-jet no lateral force downward force is very small, and therefore do not need complex work piece clamping. Additional cutting head, the equipment can be improved productivity and production to create a lot of artifacts.


*   Cutting Material

-         Iron, stainless steel, alloy, composite, marble, granite, glass, etc.


*   Product Description

- Extremely cost-cutting equipment

- Unique cantilevered structure

- Any material that can be cut in almost any thickness

- State-of-the-art machine tool design and technology to ensure that equipment is reliable, accurate

- Without CNC or water jet experience. Operation is simple, easy to use