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*   Robot System Cutting

The ultra-high pressure water jet cutting technology as a new manufacturing technology, has the advantage of other cutting equipment, such as: non-polluting, non-thermal effects, no heat distortion. A wide range of applications in the automobile manufacturing industry, especially in the field of automotive interiors processing is almost the only automated processing methods.

      Automotive interior parts is usually by PU, PET, EVA, PVC and other thermoplastic sheet hot press forming, the material is sensitive to heat, heating will produce deformation and produce toxic gases when burned, so only cold cutting methods. Traditional manual cutting method can not be guaranteed due to the less efficient, cutting precision and consistency, has basically been replaced by the water cutting technology.


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*    Characteristics

Pure water cutting, no thermal effect, heat distortion, environmental protection fast. With hydraulic drive pump, fast and efficient.


*   Cutting Material

Leather car interiors, car roof, dashboard, carpets, etc.


*    Cutting Sample



Material: automotive interior

Thickness: 3 mm

Pure waterjet cutting

Material: car roof

Thickness: 5 mm

Pure waterjet cutting