Gantry-type Cutting System

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Professional manufacturing, machine design to the high-pressure pump, customized design to use demand following the specifications of the machine:

- 4m * 2m

- 3m * 5m

- 3m * 7m

Run of the machine according to customer demand for design


*   Gantry-type Cutting System

With the expansion of the maturity of the product and the application of surface, ultra-high pressure water jet cutting machine slowly entering a growth stage, water cutting wide range of applications such as metal processing, glass, ceramics, stone and other materials processing.

  Metal cuts, for example, the various processing methods, including laser, plasma cutting, EDM cutting, wire cutting. Various cutting methods have their advantages, each occupying a part of the market. But cutting, water jet cutting belongs to a special cold cutting, the direct use of water jet with sand on metal cutting and achieve the purpose of cutting, the cutting process, no heat distortion, high precision, cut surface smoothness, pollution, etc. any machine able materials, such as glass, ceramics, composite materials, reflective materials, chemical fiber, heat-sensitive materials.

      With water cutting technology to understand the market come to realize the unique advantages of water jet cutting technology in the metal cutting industry. Be compared to laser cutting, for example, the cutting area of the laser in the sheet metal, and its speed and accuracy is superior to water cutting, but in general the laser is difficult to cut a metal plate larger than 16mm, and the periphery of the laser cutting material is still a certain heat affected zone; water jet cutting metal thickness is generally up to 50mm or more, without any impact on the material, cutting an accuracy of ± 0.10mm, can be used for precision forming cutting, water cut in the cutting of non-ferrous metals and stainless steel, non-reflective loss of influence and the edge of water jet cutting material is no limit.


*   Cutting Characteristics

-          No heat effect, no edges, no secondary processing.


*   Cutting Material

-          Iron, stainless steel, alloy, composite, marble, granite, glass, etc.


*   Product Description

- Extremely cost-cutting equipment

- Unique gantry structure, the biaxial same move

- Any material that can be cut in almost any thickness

- State-of-the-art machine tool design and technology to ensure that equipment is reliable, accurate

- Without CNC or water jet experience. Operation is simple, easy to use