Dynamic 5-AxisCutting System

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*   5-Axis Water-Jet Cutting

Dynamic Water-Jet with tolerance controller to the technical higher speeds than conventional Water-Jet cutting production more precision work-piece. This patented technology uses a unique mathematical cutting models, the latest development of advanced motion system can control a small hinged wrist mounted on the cutter head. The articulated wrist allows the cutting head can tilt in any direction, make up the traditional Water-Jet cutting equipment generates stream lag and incision hypotenuse.

  Stream lag and incision hypotenuse is cluster cutting machines cutting (Water-Jet) are naturally occurring but not happy to see the results. When cutting work piece faster, the water arrows lag more obvious. The water arrows lag will cause the work piece geometry switch error. In addition, when cutting materials faster, water arrows cluster will produce the hypotenuse of the continued increase in the incision. Conventional Water-Jet must reduce speed in order to reduce or remove the  water arrows lag incision hypotenuse phenomenon caused by tolerance errors. Dynamic Water-Jet now will be able to overcome these limitations.


*   Cutting Characteristics

-        No heat effect, no edges, no secondary processing.


*   Cutting Material

-        Iron, stainless steel, alloy, composite, marble, granite, glass, etc.


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