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*   HP Water-Jet Cutting Equipment

-          Robotic Water-Jet Cutting

-          Cantilever Water-Jet Cutting

-          Gantry-type Water-Jet Cutting

-          5-Axis Water-Jet Cutting


*    Water-Jet Cutting Applications

Widely used and easy to operate, water-jet cutting is the world's fastest-growing major machining technology. In fact, water-jet cutting capacity is unlimited. The processing plant of all sizes realize the use of ultra-high pressure water-jet bring greater efficiency and productivity. Water-jet processing plant machine tools. Abrasive water-jet technology has quickly entered the continued research and development. Water-jet only need a few auxiliary operations, without heating the area, no heat distortion or other cutting methods lead to mechanical deformation can produce mesh parts can be machined narrow the gap, allows better use of raw materials, because of the multiple parts can be tightly nested. Water-jet easy to use. Under normal circumstances, the training of operators after a few hours to a few hours of continuous production of high-quality parts. Furthermore, the fact water-jet can cut virtually any material and keep the incision smooth.


*   Advantages

Water jet system has a unique and powerful. It can be cut in almost any material complex shape with the work piece, including a variety of stone, glass, ceramics, rubber, plastics and composite materials, the cutting thickness of up to 100mm. Does not produce thermal effects due to the cutting, so there is no need for secondary processing. Water jet no lateral force downward force is very small, and therefore do not need complex work piece clamping. Additional cutting head, the equipment can be improved productivity and production to create a lot of artifacts.


*   Cutting Characteristics

- Can be cut virtually any material and thickness

- Unique design saves footprint of the machine, its highly ergonomic loading and unloading work from three sides, simple.

- Design and technology, with the durability and reliability.

- Excellent ease of operation, productivity gains to the maximum.

- Do not need to have the operating experience of CNC or abrasive water jet, easy operation and learning.



*   Versatility

Water jet can be used for multiple purposes. Whatever the shape, size or material. Whether you are committed to what kind of business - automotive, aviation, stone and tile, tool and die, manufacturing or processing plant, you can be the case without the need for regional heating as thick as 8 inches of metal, stone, plastic, composite materials, glass, ceramics, or rubber to be cut, and the edge quality is very good.


*   Reduce costs

Water jet needs the least tooling equipment, thus saving you valuable time in the workshop. Water jet cutting edge of precision, smoothness, fastening nested, save waste, maximizing the use of the material cost savings.


*   Technology

The contemporary trend is the water jet increased device processing plant, as a complement of other cutting technologies, such as EDM, laser, ion milling and processing. While cutting project requirements in each workshop, most people find very helpful water jet improve their productivity and profit.

When forced through small openings to the water pressure is increased to 60,000 PSI, can cut a variety of soft materials, such as food, paper, baby diapers, rubber and foam. When the folder into a small amount of sand materials in the water jet, example: pomegranate sand, abrasive water jet "can cut virtually any hard material, such as steel, composites, stone and glass. All water jet system is the core of ultra-high pressure pump. UHP pump, please refer to the product. Learn more water jet pump or other products.