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Industrial cleaning applications

The ultra-high pressure (UHP) industrial cleaning, environmental and cost advantages, and it provides beyond the traditional cutting methods of production efficiency, ultra-high pressure waterjet as contemporary surface processing technology world-wide acceptance, choice. UHP industrial cleaning many advantages including:


*   Environmental Protection

There is no any kind of surface cleaning technology like ultra-high pressure cleaning environmental protection. Using an ultrahigh pressure, the airborne dust does not exist, without collecting gravel, does not contain the substances to be processed. Ultra high pressure cleaner than sandblasting the surface effect is less the residual soluble substances and salt. The use of ultra-high pressure industrial cleaning, do not need the space containing air dust enclosed, precision equipment can work in the case of no pollution risk.


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*   Production Efficiency

Work in the highest available pressure, Kim Jong Technology product surface removal rate than sandblasting. UHP industrial cleaning allow you to undertake a number of operations, so water-Jet operation around the operation of other industries.


*   Variety of Functional

High pressure industrial cleaning technology with high versatility. Automated cleaning, to submit industrial cleaning solutions to its customers. Can also increase the power to the ultrahigh pressure water flow, the completion of the application of various surface treatments, such as ship cleaning and car painting equipment. The energy of the water can be done by the pressure was increased to 50,000 psi, and forcing it through the high productivity industrial cleaning nozzle, a variety of a variety of industrial surface coating removal and cleaning work.