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*    UHP Industrial Cleaning Pump

Increase productivity, and reduce operating costs. 55000 psi direct drive three pump with pressure compensation feature can save you a unit-square-foot running costs and improve productivity. The water jet cost lower than sandblasting without the need for the collection, preservation and processing of sand material. Replace sand material with water to remove the coating so that you can complete other work in the operation of the water jet. Water jet cleaning work, the mechanical electrical work or painting, which means that work done in a shorter amount of time.


*   Advantage

55000 psi to maximize production efficiency, lower operating costs, the latest technology, 55000 psi pump is easy to maintain


Max. pressure40,000 psi(2,800bar)

Hydraulic Pump

Flow Rate6GPM(23LPM) 

Electrical Control Valve


Inlet Booster Pump

Stainless steel case Filter



*    Engine type  


*   Motor type