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*    UHP Pump

-          Intensifier Pump

-          Direct Drive Pump


The UHP system pressure up to 87000 psi water-Jet speeds in excess of Mach 3 - to become faster, more powerful, and can handle any cutting tool materials. From stone to aluminum, steel and special composite material, the fastest, most powerful pressure to accelerate the abrasive water-Jet jet cutting speed increases. Regardless of the material or thickness, higher pressure will bring faster cutting.


*    Reduce Costs

Faster and greater yield does not mean that in fact lower the operating costs of the higher cost of 87000 psi pump, so that the movement of the abrasive particles faster. Therefore, every single abrasive particles with more kinetic energy and greater cutting power. Therefore, compared with the low pressure pump, the desired sand material less. Abrasive costs is one of the main operating costs water-Jet pump 87000 psi pumps can reduce the sand material costs, thereby saving money.


*    Easy Maintenance

The water jet pump is simple, efficient and easy to maintain. In pump design takes into account all aspects of the design requirements. All water-Jet pump can be completely maintenance, easy to operate. The design of various maintenance points are considered, convenient to use. The pump bracket easy to install, easy to periodic maintenance and maintenance dismantled. Help extend the life of the system, for maximum security and maximum efficiency.


*    Features and Advantages

PLC control and friendly display. 

60,000 psi (4,150 bar) design pressure

Standard dual-pressure control.   

Long life seal design provides reliable and improved service life.

Low pressure water booster with filtration.

Variable displacement, pressure compensated hydraulic pump.

Offers troubleshooting monitors.

Inlet water pressure switch to protected intensify.

Accumulator insures low pulsations in the high-pressure system.

Complete user and maintenance documentation.


*   Intensifier - 60,000 psi


*   Intensifier - 90,000 psi


PI Series

PI 5060

PI 10060

PI 5090

PI 10090


50.0hp / 37kw

100.0hp / 74kw

50.0hp / 37kw

100.0hp / 74kw

Design pressure

60,000 psi / 4,200 bar

94,000 psi / 6,620 bar

Operating pressure

60,000 psi / 4,200 bar

87,000 psi / 6,125 bar

Flow rate

1GPM / 3.8LPM

2GPM / 7.6LPM



Max. orifice

0.013 in.

/ 0.33 mm

0.010 in.

/0.25 mm

0.013 in.x2


0.013 in.

/0.33 mm

Cooling water flow

3.0 GPM/ 12 LPM

6.0 GPM / 24 LPM


380/220 VAC 3ψ 50/60 Hz