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*    Pure Water-Jet Cutting

Pure water-Jet cutting method is the first water. The largest application of pure water-Jet cutting disposable diapers, tissue paper and automotive interiors. Tissue paper and disposable diapers, at least compared with other technology, water the water-Jet technology materials left. Pure water-Jet characteristics: very little material cutting losses, cutting does not generate heat, cutting speed, capable of cutting soft, lightweight materials

*    Abrasive Water-Jet Cutting

Abrasive water-Jet and pure water-Jet only a few points. By supersonic flow in pure water-Jet erosion materials. Abrasive water-Jet, the abrasive particles accelerated by the water jet, then erosion material from these particles (rather than water). The abrasive water-Jet ability hundreds or thousands of times more powerful than the pure water-Jet. Pure water-Jet cutting soft materials, abrasive water-Jet cutting hard materials, such as steel, stone, composites and ceramics.


*    Water-Jet Cutting Advantages

Water-Jet system has a unique and powerful. It can be cut in almost any material complex shape with the work piece, including a variety of stone, glass, ceramics, rubber, plastics and composite materials, the cutting thickness of up to 100mm. Does not produce thermal effects due to the cutting, so there is no need for secondary processing. A wide range of applications, such as some special materials, semiconductor materials, copper, foam, please contact us.


*    Water-Jet Cutting Sample

-          Abrasive Water-Jet Cutting



Material: Aluminum

Thickness: 20 mm

Inner circle outside square cut

Material: Iron

Thickness: 20 mm

Outside circle inner square cut



Material: Stainless Steel

Thickness: 20 mm

Geometry cut

Material: Stainless Steel

Thickness: 10 mm

Inner circle outside square 5-Axis cut



Material: Ceramic tile

Thickness: 10 mm

Ceramic tile parquet

Material: Composites

Thickness: 30 mm

Font cut



Material: High-density Sponge

Thickness: 20~100 mm

Geometry cut

Material: Copper

Thickness: 20 mm High-density Sponge

Geometry cut


-          Water-Jet Cutting



Material: Automotive interior

Thickness: 3 mm

Water-Jet cut

Material: Automobile ceiling

Thickness: 5 mm

Water-Jet cut